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Al Gran Canal de Venècia davant del pont Rialto. Primavera de 1987.
On the Grand Canal of Venice before the Rialto Bridge. Spring of 1987.

I do not pretend to cheat you. My stay in Paradise was nothing to write home about. A mediocre existence is, however, a great adventure when you see it from Purgatory, while trying to come back to Eden, after a season in Hell and try to relate it by dint of blows and suckings, pressing the embouchure of your mouth mouse with your lips.

Trips, crossings, experiences… A normal life, full of small adventures lived on my own or in good company, broken by this damn tetraplegia, that I’ll go portraying on my Memory. The time and yourself, reader, will say if I have been able to choose the best moments and if my wit is enough to make them look interesting or, when not, entertained.