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In May 1997, the MV Sirius, then flagship of Greenpeace Nederlands (Wikipedia), set sail from the port of Palma to the Valencian coast to document the trawling fishing fleet and then turn starboard to go to the port of Barcelona.

The MV Sirius, built in 1950 for the Dutch Navy, was bought, repaired and repainted by Greenpeace in 1981. Her first action was carried out on July 13 of that same year against the dumping of radioactive waste in the Atlantic. In November 2019 she was acting for the last time in Brest (France), blocking a shipment of genetically modified grain. Between 2002 and 2010, the ship was moored at the port of Amsterdam and served as an environmental education center. During 2018, the Sirius was sustainably scrapped in Haarlem. (Greenpeace NL)

This is my black and white photo report of that cruise.

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